TRF stands for The Rookie Faction.

TRF owns the market building and the three respawnpoints. These buildings provide a starting point and trading opportunities.
It is possible to improve various blocks with commen tech, rare tech and exotic tech. The ingredients with which you can make higher tech blocks come from NPC ships, spiders and unknown signals. The ingredients are worth a lot of money on the market because not every player can easily get one.
The desert bunker is located underground. Here you have to go up a staircase to get to the desert. Area is just right for driving by car.
Respawn Point Solar sail Orion wreck has a better assembler but a smaller safety area. Terrain consists of flat parts but also mountains. Terrain is suitable for both flying and driving.
Respawn Point forest cave is an area with many mountains and hills. If you start here, it's better to make a flying ship than a car. Driving is very difficult here.
There is a market place on earth where you can buy and sell everything. If you do not want to look for all raw materials, use the market. Do you want to know more about buying and selling type "/ehelp" in chat or go to