The universe consists of one solar system with 3 planets and various asteroid fields.

Oxygen is present on earth but gravity is high. You need a lot of power to fly. Wind energy and water energy are the best enegire sources here. Safety areas are present around the respawn points. Earth has a market for buying and selling materials. The moon is 200 km away from the earth and is the best place to mine gold.

Mars moon
Mars moon is dry and only has ice on the poles but has a lot of platinum. Distance between the mars moon and earth 1,035 km.

Alien moon
Little is known about the alien moon, but there are rumors that uranium is present there. Distance between the mars moon and earth 1,100 km.

GPS 0.0.0
From GPS 0.0.0 an area is large up to 300 km radius where less powerful pirates are active.
From 300 km to 750 km radius, medium-sized pirates are active. The powerful pirates are active from 750 km to 1,200 km. From 1,200 km and beyond, the pirates are unbeatable.
Be careful there are many pirates in space.
Mars -->
Earht -->
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<-- Mars moon Ø 25 km
Alien moon Ø ?? -->
Earth Ø 80 km-->
<-- Moon Ø 19 km