The ore is distributed as follows:

Asteroids: Iron, Silver, Ice

Earth: Iron, Nickel, Cobalt, Silicon, Ice, Magnesium, Silver

Moon: Iron, Nickel, Silicon, Silver, Gold, Ice

Mars moon: Iron, Nickel, Silicon, Ice,

Alien moon:Iron, Nickel, Silicon, Ice, Uranium

Moon has 50% chance of having Silver or Gold in surface rocks

Behave like a grown-up and give new players a chance. For everything else you are free to do what you want. Have fun on the server.
Starlight server is suitable for pvp and pve, for beginning and advanced players.
The earth has been abandoned by humanity after an all-destructive explosion in the solar system. The bulk of humanity has been exterminated or fled into space. The exact cause of the explosion in the solar system is unknown. Now 500 years later after nature has recovered on earth, life is possible again. Your ancestors survived this disaster by fleeing into space on time with a spaceship called Prosperity. This space ship is equipped with all the facilities that humanity needs to survive. In total there is room for 850 crew members and 4,000 refugees on the ship. Research from the spacecraft indicates that the solar system has been partly destroyed and that the earth is now the center point with debris from other planets around it. The sun revolves in a circle around the earth and the debris at a distance of 40 AE, or 149 597 828.68 km. The debris has formed into three moons. The first moon looks like the old moon and is located at a short distance. The second moon is very similar to the planet Mars. The third moon is not composed of old matter from the solar system but is new material from outside. Perhaps this has something to do with the explosion that has occurred in the solar system. The development on the spaceship has not stopped but has accelerated because more research was possible in weightlessness. The space ship's prosperity is far beyond the solar system and needs another 500 years to return to Earth. Due to a current invention it is now possible to beam a few people into old medical rooms on earth. You are one of the first people sent forward to build the first facilities until Prosperity arrives. Unfortunately, it is not possible to stay in touch with Prosperity due to the long distance. You are on your own after waking up in the medical room. Trust yourself there are no laws here.
Known GPS locations of SLG:

Important locations:

GPS:Desert Bunker
X:10196.31  Y:-70294.08  Z:-36908.47

GPS:Market Palace
X:29750.57 Y:-70768.27 Z:-25515.62

GPS:Forest Cave
X:30392.13 Y:-54043.85 Z:-19694.95:

GPS:Wreck Solar Sail Orion
X:37569.22 Y:-77899.39 Z:-13207.61: